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Lash enhancing serum



Eyelash Growth Serum will give you long lashes and brows as if you were born with it. You won't need to pile on layers of mascara to achieve naturally beautiful lashes and brows. Our gentle yet effective formula also works great as a conditioner & primer and provides safe & high performance. With highly concentrated extracts of Polygonum Multiflorum and Panax Ginseng, it gently boosts lashes and brows that are short and weak to become longer, stronger, and healthier.

Designed to provide effective nutrients to the eyelashes and eyebrows for visibly more fullness and volume. Your own natural eyelashes are significantly Longer and Denser and are also Maintained.

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  • ADVANCED EYELASH GROWTH SERUM for LONGER, FULLER and THICKER LASHES - Our eyelash serum was specially created to strengthen, magnify and lengthen your natural eyelashes and eyebrows. It can help you own your luscious lashes and brows.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN EYELASH GROWTH SERUM : The natural formula of our eyelash growth serum has been proven to help increase thickness and length of eyelashes with only 2 weeks of daily use. Over 4 weeks of daily use saw a 55% increase of natural eyelashes. Conditioner activates the processes of eyelash growth and eyebrow growth, accelerates regeneration and provide eyelashes nutrition and hydration for an appearance of long and luxurious lashes.
  • EASY TO APPLY EYELASH SERUM : Morning and evening after cleansing.(2-3 times a day with our eyelash growth serum.) Simply place a thin line along the base of your upper and lower lash line. Apply only at the root area of eyelashes and as though applying eyeliner and onto clean eyebrows, close your eyes two minutes to allow it to be fully absorbed, such as drops into the eyes, do not worry, no side effects.
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Sara M.
AMAZING. I would not have believed this stuff works if I didn't see it for myself. At the risk of sounding like a cheesy infomercial, TRY IT AND SEE FOR YOURSELF! IT REALLY WORKS!

Megan S.
This stuff is literally life changing. I have been using this product for about a month now and my eyelashes look full and amazing. You won’t believe how well this works.

Evangelia M.
This product is fabulous! I've used other products that are supposed to do what this does, but this one is the best. I am totally satisfied and very happy with the results,

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